Warzone to finally add unlimited Tac Sprint but there’s a catch

Nathan Warby
Warzone players fighting in Bunkers

The Warzone devs have revealed that an unlimited Tac Sprint feature is coming in Season 4, but the Perk does come with a catch that might curb players’ excitement.

Warzone Season 4 arrives on May 29, bringing a ton of new features and weapons to the battle royale. Ahead of the patch, the devs have begun detailing all of the fresh arrivals, including an addition that players have been demanding for some time.

The new season is set to bring Tactical Sprint Boots shortly after it goes live, a Perk that grants “an increase to your base speed and an infinite Tactical Sprint improvement.”

Currently in Warzone, Tac Sprint is tied to a stamina meter that needs to recharge after a few seconds of use. But these Boots will do away with it for as long as they’re equipped, letting the wearer dart across the map without stopping for breath.

This is an addition that players have wanted for quite a while, especially after the feature was trialed in High Trip Resurgence, where it was earned by collecting Gummies.

Warzone and MW3 Season 4 roadmap
Tac Sprint Boots are one of the many new arrivals in Season 4.

However, although Tactical Sprint Boots are arriving as a new Perk, they can’t be equipped as part of your regular loadout. Instead, they need to be tracked down once you’re in a game.

The Season 4 blog revealed that you’ll be able to find them by “infiltrating any of the accessible Bunkers” that are littered around the map. This will require you to get hold of a key card, but you can check out our guide on how to open Bunkers and their locations for a full breakdown.

While it might come as a disappointment that unlimited Tac Sprint isn’t being implemented as a standard feature, it does still mean that those who feel the game plays better with it enabled have the option to use it – if they’re willing to put in some extra effort.

It hasn’t been revealed exactly when Tactical Sprint Boots will arrive in Warzone, but we do know it’ll be in the “launch window” after Season 4 goes live. The update also marks the return of the Kar98k rifle and brings the new Superi 46 SMG.