Warzone & MW3 Season 3 brings back fan-favorite Advanced Warfare Sniper

Nathan Warby
Warzone operator with sniper

The Warzone and MW3 devs have begun revealing more and more details about Season 3, including the return of an iconic Advanced Warfare Sniper Rifle after it was spotted in an early trailer.

A trailer for Warzone Season 3 has revealed that the MORS Sniper Rifle from CoD Advanced Warfare will return with the upcoming update. The weapon could be seen at the end of the launch trailer in the hands of an Operator, officially confirming an early leak.

The next major season of the battle royale is leaning heavily into the series’ history, as it’s also bringing back the classic Rebirth Island map. So, it’s no surprise that the devs have chosen this update to add the popular long-range gun to the roster in both Warzone and MW3.

As players will remember, the MORS (Military Operated Rail Sniper) was one of the deadliest guns in 2014’s Advanced Warfare, featuring heavily in the campaign and becoming an extremely dominant option in multiplayer too.

This was thanks to its high damage output that could easily drop enemies with one shot, which made up for its reload animation between each round, similar to that of a bolt-action rifle.

However, unlike other memorable weapons from past entries in the series, the Sniper hasn’t been seen since, making this its first appearance in almost 10 years.

It remains to be seen if the MORS will keep the same name when it arrives in Warzone and MW3, as many old-school guns have been changed before making their debut, such as the F2000 which is now called the BP50.

If it drops with Season 3 on April 3, then those looking to get their hands on it will likely be able to do so through the new Battle Pass. Meanwhile, if they choose to release it later in the season it could be a Weekly Challenge reward or part of a classified Battle Pass Sector that comes with its own objectives.

Either way, based on its appearance in the Warzone Season 3 trailer, players can rest assured that the MORS will finally make its comeback sooner rather than later.

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