Warzone Battle Royale gets long-awaited player count increase in Season 4

Max Candelarezi
Warzone players in Urzikstan

Since Warzone Urzikstan’s release on December 2023, Battle Royale fans have asked for the player count to increase. With Season 4’s release, the Warzone devs finally introduced this highly requested change.

Since the launch of Urzikstan in December 2023, BR fans have been asking the devs for the player count to be increased, hoping this would allow for more action despite the slow pace of a large BR map in Warzone.

However, in the S4 update patch notes, Raven Software revealed Warzone will now feature 120 players in Battle Royale starting with Season 4 released on May 29, 2024. This was led by players’ feedback indicating a “desire for more action.”

To achieve a “strategic experience that emphasizes risk-reward while maintaining consistent, action-packed pacing, without disrupting the delicate balance [they’ve] worked hard to achieve,” the team adjusted the redeploy mechanics and in-game economy.

Here’s every change depicted in the S4 patch notes:

  • Gulag tokens have a low chance of appearing in general loot
  • Redeploy tokens are part of a new tier of legendary items and have specific spawn conditions
  • Redeploy flares have a controlled spawn rate in legendary chests and other support items
  • Reduced the amount of cash found in loot
  • Increased the number of supply boxes
  • Updated the cost of Buy Station items
  • Adjusted the rarity of certain items to promote an engaging and strategic looting experience

After all the complaints following the Warzone Mobile release with 120 players and Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah’s same player count continuation, the devs explained in December 2023 that the decision to keep 100 players was to “create an optimal and fun experience based on critical metrics.”

However, more than five months after “extensive revisions and balancing” in the game’s seasonal updates until Season 4, the Warzone devs decided to raise the player count for the Battle Royale playlists.

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