Vahn says Blackout will feature dynamic time of day once performance is stable

Keshav Bhat

In a length interview and chat with EuroGamer, Treyarch revealed many details on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s behind the scenes with info on how Treyarch created Blackout, the PC version of the game, and more.

One of the big pieces of information that Vahn revealed in this interview is that the team at Treyarch will implement time of day settings in Blackout but only once they are confident enabling this feature will not affect the feature.

They have the feature in development, and it’s actually something they do want to have — but they don’t want to impact the performance of the game.

“So the question is hey, what do you do about time of day settings, is it impossible?” says Vonderhaar. “It’s actually very possible but we want to be sure that when we unlock that capability in the Blackout map, that we do it in a way that’s not impacting the performance of the existing time of day. So, we actually have that capability and it’s when and how do we deploy that capability. As we said, we’re not going to sacrifice performance for something like time of day, but if we can get time of day changes to work in a way that will not impact the performance of the map, you’ll probably see that in the future.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer

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