Underwhelming Warzone AR becomes meta SMG with rapid TTK after buff

Joseph Pascoulis
soap walking with gun in warzone season 4

This Warzone Assault Rifle build turns one of Call of Duty’s most legendary meta weapons into a rapid TTK SMG loadout.

Warzone is host to many iconic guns from the Call of Duty franchise. To name a few, the Kar98k, M16, and BAL-27 are all weapons that have had their time in the sun. The latter was Advanced Warfare’s most popular Assault Rifle, dominating multiplayer lobbies with a rapid-fire rate and TTK.

While it didn’t make the biggest impact when it was introduced in Warzone Season 3, that could change after the BAL-27 was buffed in the Season 4 patch.

The BAL-27 received a boost to its damage range and limb multipliers to improve its overall performance. This makes the AR a lot more consistent, but we recommend using it for close range, as it’s actually extremely effective when built as an SMG/Sniper support.

Attachments such as the Crown-H3 Barrel, FTAC MSP-98 Handstop, and Clarent Light Stock will all improve the BAL-27’s mobility and handling, making the AR feel much more like an SMG in Warzone.

Popular Warzone content creator TheKoreanSavage agrees, as he too highlighted the BAL-27 in his June 4 YouTube video. The Warzone expert said if you treat the BAL-27 “like an SMG,” you’ll find a lot of success with the weapon, especially on Rebirth Island and the other smaller maps in the game.

TheKoreanSavage opts for the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider for some added recoil control, as the fire rate can be difficult to handle when you dip into mid-range gunfights.

Its fire rate increases over time, so the 60 Round Mag is essential, especially if you’re looking to take on multiple enemies in quick succession. Use this build and you’ll be shredding enemies from up close and medium range so long as you can control the recoil.

As this BAL-27 build is for close-range, you may want to pair it with a long-range option such as the Holger 26, which looks to replace the DG-58 LSW after the June 4 nerfs.

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