Treyarch says no campaign is just for Black Ops 4, future Treyarch games could still have traditional campaigns

Keshav Bhat

In a new interview with DailyStar, Treyarch’s Senior Producer, Yale Miller, stated that Black Ops 4 not having a campaign is just ‘at this moment’ in the franchise.

“[The single player mode] is only missing at this moment in time. I really think with every game we make, we finish that title and then we ask ‘what is it fans are gonna love the most?’ If that’s another traditional campaign, then we’ll make another traditional campaign. But right now, for what our goals were for Black Ops 4, it was just [multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout] that we were focused on.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 lacking a campaign does not mean the entire Call of Duty franchise itself will no longer have campaigns.

“In terms of the future of the franchise, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are their own awesome teams, they’re doing their own thing. And I have no idea what they’re doing!”

Miller also suggested that the Blackout mode is something that could not continue into future Call of Duty games because of its uniqueness to Treyarch and their titles, meaning if Battle Royale comes to other Call of Duty titles, it would be a different mode.

“They couldn’t, for example, make Blackout… because that’s just quintessentially Black Ops, you know?” continued Miller.

“I love narrative games, there’s a place for narrative games, but for us and what we wanted to do, it was the right decision [to not have a single-player campaign]”.

SOURCE: Daily Star