SHG working to bring a ‘thematically appropriate’ version of Uplink to Call of Duty: WWII MP

Keshav Bhat

In a new interview posted on the Daily Star, Michael Condrey has revealed that the team at Sledgehammer Games is in fact working on bringing a ‘thematically appropriate’ version of Uplink to Call of Duty: WWII MP.

Uplink was first introduced to Call of Duty in Sledgehammer Games’ Advanced Warfare, which had advanced movement. The challenge now is that Call of Duty: WWII MP is all boots on the ground.

“We haven’t announced all the modes we’re bringing to the game … we introduced Uplink in Advanced Warfare and we have a lot of heart for that.

So we’re looking to make that thematically appropriate for WW2. It’s something we’re still working on. There will be a much broader suite of modes.

The Uplink that we brought to life in Advanced Warfare was about fast movement, boost jump and clearly we don’t have those here.”

Condrey stated that team at SHG has a “lot of heart” for Uplink and are working on ways to see how to bring it back to Call of Duty: WWII’s style of play.

“We have a lot of heart for Uplink and we want to make it feel like it has a place in WW2.

More announcements to come on that but you can tell your readers and fans that we have a lot of heart to figure that out.”

*Note: Feature image is from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

SOURCE: DailyStar

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