Could DLC be coming to MW Remastered? New map and weapon DLC?


9 years later after the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, we’re finally getting the remaster we’ve all been waiting for.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is going to be a huge release for Activision/Infinity Ward alongside their new upcoming title ‘Infinite Warfare’. With the amount of anticipation and hype surrounding a remaster, Activision are essentially releasing 2 huge Call of Duty titles in one go this November.

With so much interest surrounding the Modern Warfare remaster, it does open the question… Could Activision take advantage of the Modern Warfare Remaster and introduce DLC? Potentially also implement the Supply Drop system?

Since it’s going to be a full remaster, and not a port, it would potentially make complete sense to prolong the hype and keep players coming back by releasing DLC map packs. We could for example see 1 new Modern Warfare map including within each Infinite Warfare DLC map pack as part of the Season Pass.

By releasing DLC for both games, it would please both groups of players who prefer to either play the remaster or Infinite Warfare. This of course opens the question of player-base fragmentation across the 2 titles.

Would you like to see DLC within MW Remastered?