RUMOR: Black Ops 4’s third Zombies DLC map to include some of Nuketown Zombies

Keshav Bhat

This information is all unconfirmed for now as we wait for official news from Treyarch, but today, after the latest Black Ops 4 update deployed on PC, user Joshwoocool has shared new images and details from the game files showcasing upcoming content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

One of the leaks shown on his Twitter feed is an updated image added to the files that is Nuketown Zombies.

This is the image:

There’s also an image of Nuketown Zombies loading screen with the Rush logo on it inside the files which suggests that the third DLC map for Black Ops 4 is in fact a new take on the Nuketown Zombies map.

Nuketown Zombies map was introduced in Call of Duty back in Black Ops 2 as a Season Pass bonus map and has not since been released again in Call of Duty.

It’s not clear if Nuketown Zombies will be the just part of the new Zombies Map or it is the Zombies map.

All we’ve seen so far are teasers for the map in two images teasing the return of the Aether Story.

The third DLC Map for Black Ops 4 is set to launch on July 9 on PS4.

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