PlayStation launches Countdown to Launch, free theme and more available

Keshav Bhat

PlayStation has launched their ‘Countdown to Launch’ promotion for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 today, with only one week to go till the game’s official launch.

As part of the promotion, PlayStation has shared a zombies and Blackout wallpapers to download on their website.

In addition, for those in select countries (US, CA, MX, BR, AR, CL, CO, PE, PA, CR, EC, GU, ES, PY, HN, BO, UY, NI.), PlayStation is giving away a free Black Ops 4 theme to download on your PS4 console ahead of the game’s launch.

Visit the PS site HERE to get a code for the theme. In addition, PlayStation has is giving away a PlayStation 4 Pro on that website, so be sure to enter if you are eligible to do so.