New Sledgehammer Games logo reveals Modern Warfare 3 red color scheme

Max Candelarezi
Captain Price and Kyle Gaz Garrick in Modern Warfare 2 CampaignActivision

The new logo of Sledgehammer Games, reportedly the lead developer for Call of Duty 2023, has revealed the color scheme and the title for the next game in the franchise, seemingly called Modern Warfare 3.

Although a name for Call of Duty 2023 has not been officially confirmed yet, a July 24 Call of Duty and Monster Energy collaboration leak revealed the first images of Modern Warfare 3 key art and showcased the return of some iconic characters from the Modern Warfare Saga.

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On the same day, Sledgehammer Games, the rumored lead studio for this year’s Call of Duty, revealed their new logo for their social media account, which unveils some details about the next title in the franchise. This all but confirms that they are leading development on MW3.

In their new header design, SHG changed the color of the letter ‘E’ to a red numeral 3, revealing a change in the color scheme for the first time in the Modern Warfare Saga, which has been widely recognized for its iconic green color.

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This is the first communication from the studio after numerous rumors and leaks about the long-awaited sequel to Modern Warfare 2 (2022), which is said to be arriving later this year with Modern Warfare 3. It’s anticipated that the game’s marketing will continue, following Insider Gaming’s report, which places the reveal on August 1st.

It’s only a matter of time before more official details come to light, and following the confirmation of MW2 inventory carrying over to MW3, fans have been closely following all the information surrounding the next Call of Duty game.

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