New details on Call of Duty: WWII MP revealed during GameInformer’s Podcast

Keshav Bhat

GameInformer has posted a new podcast episode where they talk about what they learned from their visit to Sledgehammer Games. In the podcast, they share some new details about MP in WWII and Headquarters. Here’s the highlights:

  • New map called Gibraltar will be playable in the WWII Beta. GameInformer says they will have gameplay of this map up soon.
  • Headquarter’s “Theater” — where you can watch live tournament streams: you actually walk inside of a big theater, and there’s a projector showing the stream on a screen. It’s not clear what happens if you actually sit down in the theater.
  • There’s a special VIP Prestige Area — once you hit the level to prestige, you can visit the area (which is guarded by a General) to prestige. There’s a whole celebration with fireworks.
  • SHG is putting a lot of focus on the social score. The higher your social score, the better loot you can earn. Social Score is dependent upon being helpful and more in HQ. Completing weekly and daily quests also increases it. Daily and Weekly Quests will feature activities to do in the HQ itself, or in MP.
  • The 1v1 Battle Pit allows you to duel friends in the HQ. Other people can actually watch the 1v1 battle. Players are allowed to ban 1 weapon before entering the 1v1 pit action. GameInformer says there was an option to also compete via boxing, but there were not able to see it in action.
  • Players can visit the HQ between matches.
  • HQ is in third person. Players can see the entire character; your weapon is holstered on your back.
  • SHG has ‘very high’ expectation for what HQ can deliver.
  • You have the ability to turn off the proximity based voice chat. It’s tuned to how close you are to another person.

You can watch the podcast below. The Call of Duty: WWII portion of the show at the 40 minute mark in.

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