MW3 player shares “evil” strategy to troll Rust sweats

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator finishing an enemy on rust

MW3’s Rust is true to the original, but some have found the perfect way to block a path and prevent enemies from utilizing a popular spot.

MW3 brings plenty of nostalgia with classic MW2 2009 maps reimaged, such as Terminal and Favela that have all been given new in this year’s multiplayer.

The devs have kept these maps fairly true to their original forms, as players quickly noticed that classic spots such as the roof on Highrise can still be utilized.

One of the most iconic maps from MW2 2009 was Rust, a small-sized battleground in the desert that makes for chaotic matches. As expected, it’s one of MW3’s most popular maps, and will likely remain so even once Shipment lands in-game.

There are many classic spots on MW3’s Rust, but one of the most memorable that many skilled players will use is the mid-map vent and crawling space to go under the central oil rig structure.

These tight paths can be utilized to flank enemy teams and gain an advantage by cutting right through the middle of the map. That said, players have found a cheeky way to stop enemies from using these paths with the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade.

By placing Deployable Covers in the areas shown by Reddit user ‘jonnyvue’ players can effectively block these sneaky paths from being used. While they can be destroyed, the OP who posted the strategy in the MW3 subreddit claimed that nobody even tried to remove the Deployable Covers for the “entire match.”

One comment said, “This is just the right amount of evil that I like. Take the upvote,” while another couldn’t help but respect the play, “I hate you!!! I also respect the massive troll tho.”

Another player claimed to use this same strategy in the “pass-through shipping containers” on Rust as well, allowing them to control enemy movements and close lanes which could leave them open.

This is certainly a strategy we could see more on other maps, so if you haven’t tried utilizing the Deployable Cover in this way just yet, definitely give it a try. For more, check out why players are worried about Shipment’s introduction.

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