MW3 Killstreaks are useless as players get kicked from games

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There are plenty of powerful Killstreaks to utilize in Modern Warfare 3 for those who go on a hot streak. However, players are reporting that a bug is making MW3 Killstreaks completely useless.

There’s plenty to discover in Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer, including the new Perk system, the Armory Unlock system, as well as a selection of new Killstreaks to utilize.

Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 range from strategic like the Sam Turret or Guardian, to downright punishing like the Gunship or classic Chopper Gunner. Of course, you’ll have to rack up a decent amount of kills to work your way up to the best Killstreaks in MW3.

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While Killstreaks are meant to be your reward for dominating the opposition, it seems that in MW3, players calling in Killstreaks are receiving the brunt of the punishment. Several players have reported that calling in a Killstreak has resulted in being kicked for inactivity.

MW3 utilizes a system that kicks players for inactivity when they’re not moving. However, a bug is making it so players who activate and control Killstreaks like the Chopper Gunner are getting inexplicably kicked from the lobby.

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The OP of the above Reddit post highlighting the bug said: “This is kind of ridiculous. I shouldn’t be getting kicked for using a feature of this game lmao.”

Players in the comments chimed in with similar experiences, occurring during the use of a wide assortment of MW3‘s Killstreaks: “Kicked me after a cruise missile.”

While the Killsreak bug seems to be the most common issue, other players reported issues with the kicked for inactivity system itself, with one saying, “Kicked me out for sniping and I was moving around.”

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One player claimed that the kicked for inactivity feature in Modern Warfare 3 was completly broken over launch weekend: “The kick for inactivity is set too short/fast! In HC its so fast defending a flag twice (double kill) means you better run to another line of sight.”

The devs will likely implement a fix to make Killstreaks usable again, but it remains to be seen if they will adjust the time it takes for players to be kicked for inactivity in Modern Warfare 3.

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