What is MW3 Mutation mode?

Max Candelarezi
MW3 players in Mutation mode Season 4 Reloaded

MW3’s Season 4 Reloaded is set for a massive otherworldly-themed update introducing a brand-new mode called Mutation.

This mode will debut during the first in-game event, Altered Strain, where modified DNA strands have infected several Operators. So, here’s all you need to know about Mutation in MW3.

Mutation mode explained

The brand-new Mutation mode places one team of human Operators against a “frightening selection of mutants” across Mosh Pit of familiar game modes. Teams will switch sides at halftime, and the team with the highest score will win the match.

The Humans team will be formed with regular Operators, including “player-chosen skins, usual loadouts, and weapon blueprints.” Additionally, the ammunition reserves will be significantly boosted.

As for the Mutants, these will be “DNA-altered undead.” This team will possess various unique abilities to stun, disorient, and eliminate human enemies, as well as help from “non-player controlled Mutants.”

MW3 Mutation mode
Mutants will have four classes with different benefits to pick from.

Humans will be able to earn a fixed roster of Killstreaks depending on their kill performance during the match: For every player-controlled Zombie kill, they will receive one Killstreak point, and for every five non-player-controlled Zombie Kills, they will earn five Killstreak points.

The three Killstreaks available within Mutation will be the SAE (6 points), Remote Turret (7 points), and Juggernaut (15 points).

Given Mutants do not need to use loadouts, they will have a variety of “special classes” to choose from featuring three different perks. Here’s each Mutant class available in the Mutation mode:

  • Mutated Leaper: Faster movement, increased melee damage, and the ability to detect enemies around corners.
  • Radioactive Beast: Charges enemies and shellshocks opponents while improving their allies’ health and movement speed while revealing nearby enemies on the minimap for their whole team.
  • Contaminated Sludger: Capable of exploding in a large radius and ejecting a strong acid blast that deals close-ranged damage and leaves pools of acid that hurt and slow the enemy.
  • Camouflaged Sneaker: Scrambles toward the enemy with an electrified leap and becomes partially invisible for a brief time with its cloak.

Altered Strain event – Mutation augmentations

Given this mode is part of the Altered Strain event, players will be able to unlock augmentations by collecting DNA samples from fallen enemies to earn effects for their Mutant powers.

Here’s every Mutation augmentation and their description, as per the CoD Blog:

  • First Strike: Rapid cooldown on first ability used after respawn
  • Flop Shot: Diving from elevated surfaces produces a small explosion
  • Repocket: Kills with abilities have a chance to replenish your tactical ability
  • Attuned: Reduced cost to acquire the Mutant Juggernaut
  • Galvanized: Temporary damage reduction from explosives

Once the mode drops, be sure you have the best controller settingsaudio setup, and FOV settings to domiante your enemies wherter being a human Operator or a frightening Mutant.

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