Underrated Warzone loadout is the perfect combination for Resurgence

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone mw3 operator shooting gun

Resurgence in Warzone requires speed and weapons that can achieve quick TTKs in close combat, which is why this loadout is so powerful for the mode.

Warzone Resurgence is an extremely popular mode, especially with the return of Rebirth Island. It offers a faster-paced experience in comparison to Battle Royale which many love, but its hectic nature requires a versatile loadout that can perform with fast TTKs and mobility.

That’s exactly why the TR-76 Geist and the WSP-9 are the perfect combinations of weapons to use for your Resurgence loadout in Warzone, as both offer great TTK numbers for close and medium ranges, while also being great for mobility.

The TR-76 Geist is easily one of Season 3 Reloaded‘s best Assault Rifle options, especially in Resurgence, as it has some great range while also being versatile enough to take on enemies at those close to medium ranges.

Attachments in our best TR-76 Geist loadout for Warzone include the Bruen Bridle Heavy barrel and the Bruen Heavy Support, which allow the MW2 AR to dominate longer ranges.

Then, the WSP-9 is an absolute beast up close, keeping you covered when things enter close-quarters combat. The SMG shreds up close, but its top mobility and handling stats are equally as important as its fast TTK. Using our best loadout for the WSP-9 in Warzone, you’ll be destroying anyone who comes into range on Rebirth Island.

Even popular Warzone content creator WhosImmortal agrees, showcasing both the TR-76 Geist and WSP 9 in his May 8 video on the best Resurgence loadouts in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

WhosImmortal calls the TR-76 Geist “incredible,” especially in the mid-range with a “crazy” TTK, while he also describes the WSP 9 as a “fantastic mobility-based SMG.”

Definitely give these two weapons a go if you’re looking for a new loadout to run in Warzone Resurgence following Season 3 Reloaded’s meta changes.