Modern Warfare 3 increases health for slower TTK than MW2

Nathan Warby
Warzone Operator holding SMG

Modern Warfare 3 will drastically shake up the formula from 2022’s MW2, bringing a host of gameplay tweaks that fans have been calling for. This includes a slower time-to-kill in an effort to increase the skill gap.

Call of Duty 2023, now confirmed to be Modern Warfare 3, is due to arrive on November 10 and we’re finally getting a glimpse of what’s in store. The follow-up to last year’s game is launching with the full slate of MW2 (2009) maps, along with plenty of iconic weapons according to leaks.

The devs are clearly taking the series in a different direction than Infinity Ward as a host of fan-favorite features are making a return, including the classic red dot minimap and the slide canceling movement mechanic.

Players can also look forward to other major gameplay tweaks when Modern Warfare 3 arrives, as Sledgehammer Games have confirmed a change to the TTK that should make a huge difference in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 will raise the base health up to 150 in multiplayer matches, up from the 100 seen in the previous installment. The result will be a TTK that feels slower and makes gunfights last longer than in MW2.

Captain John Price from Modern Warfare 3
Modern Warfare 3 is bringing a ton of changes to the gameplay from Modern Warfare 2.

Time-to-kill is always a hot topic among the CoD community, as many prefer a slower TTK in order to widen the skill gap. Forcing players to land more shots to secure a kill requires more accurate shooting and allows high-skill players to use movement to get out of a sticky situation.

Battle royale fans will remember that the base health was increased to 150 in Warzone 2 to address fan complaints about the TTK, after plenty claimed that it was too fast at launch, especially at close-range.

Given that multiplayer matches don’t include armor plates, the time it takes to completely drain an enemy’s health is even shorter. Players will hope that this TTK change in Modern Warfare 3 will make for more engaging gunfights across the board.

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