Modern Warfare 3 devs show off iconic MW2 Assault Rifle’s return

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare 3 ACR Assault Rifle

The Modern Warfare 3 dev team, Sledgehammer Games, showed off the return of the most iconic MW2 Assault Rifle in the Modern Warfare saga.

After the unveiling of the official Warzone event for Modern Warfare 3, fans got a first look at the game. The CoD team revealed a substantial amount of content, including the return of the classic minimap, fan-favorite features from previous games, and significant tweaks to the movement mechanics.

However, when it comes to Call of Duty weaponry in MW3, there are still plenty of mysteries to uncover. Some fans are expecting the return of iconic weapons alongside the return of Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps.

It seems this wish may be coming true as the devs teased the return of a legendary weapon that fans are sure to recognize in Modern Warfare 3.

ACR Assualt Rifle revealed in Modern Warfare 3 teaser

One of Sledgehammer Games’ posts on social media revealed the return of the iconic ACR Assault Rifle from Modern Warfare 2.

Despite the somewhat limited visibility, CoD fans swiftly identified the ACR within the image and promptly pointed it out in SHG’s responses: “ACR, my beloved, is that you?,” wondering about the fan-favorite AR’s return.

Additionally, the image also grants a glimpse of the remastered version of MW2’s Karachi map, which will be accompanied by all the original MW2 maps at MW3’s launch.

Even in the comments under the Reddit post below, fans expressed their enthusiasm, with remarks like “Love to see it, Gonna have the ACR in mw3,” in reference to the original weapon. Another player added, “OG IRON SIGHTS,” referring to the weapon’s appearance, reminiscent of its original version.

While the MW3 weapon lineup hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, certain leaks offered a glimpse of what to anticipate in terms of new additions to the weaponry. Furthermore, for the first time in the CoD franchise, players will have all their MW2 weapons, progress, and unlocks available when the game launches.

As we approach the game’s launch, it’s expected that the Sledgehammer Games will gradually unveil the array of new weapons that Modern Warfare 3 will introduce, which will later become accessible in Warzone as well.

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