Modern Warfare 2 hacker gets banned & immediately rejoins game

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 operators shooting weapons

Modern Warfare 2 players are baffled as a hacker was banned by RICOCHET, but then immediately joined the match to hack again.

Modern Warfare 2 is fairly well protected when it comes to hackers and cheaters, as Call of Duty‘s anti-cheat, RICOCHET, is often on the job, locating hackers and either impeding them in-game or banning them altogether.

That said, the game isn’t immune to hackers, so every now and then you may find one in your lobby, especially on PC. While RICOCHET is usually quick to ban them if found, it seems something went wrong in content creator illogical‘s Search and Destroy game.

The creator posted a clip of a hacker ruining their experience before they were quickly banned. However, even though the RICOCHET ban popped up on the left side of the screen, the player managed to immediately rejoin the game and continued to cheat.

After celebrating the hacker being banned, illogical quickly noticed that the player was still in the game, leading to another player in the game saying “RICOCHET is a**.”

The content creator proceeded to get killed by the hacker once again, causing immense frustration after believing RICOCHET had done its job.

Illogical said, “Only in @CallofDuty can someone get BANNED by Ricochet Anti-Cheat and then JOIN BACK and continue hacking…@Activision gotta figure their shit out #MW2”

Players in the comments of the X (formerly Twitter) post are also stunned, as one said “This is insane,” while another shared a similar experience: “This Happened to me 2 days ago I reported a cheater and within a few seconds he was back doing the same again and it happened again….. the Ricochet system is broken asf.”

With Season 6 on the horizon, maybe we’ll see some updates to the RICOCHET system. Until then, make sure you check out how to get all of the Spawn skins.

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