Xbox One Beta Issues: game freezing, Paint Shop issues – UPDATE

Keshav Bhat

The Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One went live, but there appears to be many issues with it including Paint Shop being locked and the beta freezing and crashing.

This post will be updated as new information is revealed about the different issues.

Crashing/Freezing Issues:

Many users are reporting that their Xbox One beta is crashing and freezing upon playing. Treyarch has acknowledged this issue and stated that they are actively working on fixing the problem. Stay tuned for more updates.

Paint Shop:

If the Paint Shop is locked, please check your Xbox One Privacy Settings and make sure that See Content That Other People Make is enabled. This should unlock the Paint Shop for use.

If you’re having issues with camos and designs not appearing, there’s no info yet on a solution to this. Please stay tuned.

ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED: Codes not working:

FINAL UPDATE: Xbox Support has updated their status page to state that the codes issue has been resolved. Users should now be able to redeem their Black Ops 3 beta code on the Xbox One console.

Were you having trouble redeeming your beta token for Call of Duty: Black Ops III? If so, we’re glad to say this issue is resolved. Please give it another go! We appreciate your patience while we worked, Xbox members.

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