Latest playlist update for WWII on PS4/XB1 has enabled 2 player parties in Ranked Play

A new playlist update went live earlier today for Call of Duty: WWII on PS4 and Xbox One. This new playlist update has enabled 2 player parties for Ranked Play mode in Call of Duty: WWII.

In today’s update, we’ve introduced 2-player party functionality into Ranked Play. We look forward to continuing Season One, and gathering 2P party data throughout the weeks ahead.

There are a number of reasons we chose to introduce 2-player parties first. It’s important to maintaining the integrity of Ranked Play that we don’t force players to have a full party to be competitive with other full parties. It’s also quicker, to skill match individual players and parties of 2, which is an important factor to the Ranked Play experience.

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SOURCE: Reddit

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