Is this the best Blackout teammate save of all time?

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Don’t you wish you had friends as nice as this?

Blackout is about one hundred players dropping onto a map and surviving. While the easy part usually is getting onto the map itself, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes the deployment path in Blackout is less than favorable. Whether its cutting across a tiny sliver of the map or ending above water, players who step away from their controllers at the beginning of the match can get royally screwed.

However, reddit user “Brett_ta_ta” proves that no drop area is irredeemable. In a clip posted to the Black Ops 4 subreddit, Brett is shown playing a game of Blackout Quads. Since the deployment path ends above the sea, he figures the best place to land would be Hijacked.

Well, unfortunately his friend had to miss the beginning of the game as he was “in the other room taking a piss”. Being automatically deployed from the drop plane, his friend slowly falls into the great blue ocean. Relentlessly, Brett hops on the nearest boat and slides right under his falling teammate right before he splashes to his doom.

Words don’t do this miraculous clip justice so be sure to check out the full play by play in the post below. Let us know if you’ve tried something similar by commenting down below!