Infinity Ward says they are planning to ‘introduce new ways to earn salvage’ in Infinite Warfare

Keshav Bhat

Following the latest Quartermaster update for Infinite Warfare on January 11, many fans are upset over how much new content was added in terms of chances of earning items in-game now. With so many new customization items, chances are earning some prototype weapons may decrease in drops.

Infinity Ward has posted on Reddit that, even with all of the new customization items, “Players have the same chance to get a weapon out of a supply drop as they did before.” They also stated that the chance to get “a rare, legendary, or epic out of a supply drop” is also the same as it was before this update.

However, another concern raised with all of these new items is that it decreases the chances of getting duplicates, which in turn decreases the amount of Salvage players can earn in Supply Drops. Infinity Ward says that are working to introduce new ways to earn Salvage in the game, although they did not elaborate on that plans.

The addition of all this new content means fewer duplicates from supply drops. We understand that some players are concerned about how this affects their ability to earn salvage. Rest assured, we have plans, and are working on additional plans, to introduce new ways to earn salvage in the future.

SOURCE: Reddit

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