How Infinity Ward has changed the Perk System with Ghosts MP

Keshav Bhat

Infinity Ward revealed Ghosts MP on August 14th, and they revealed some big changes to how perks will work within multiplayer.

In previous Call of Duty games, perks were divided based upon tiers – Tier 1, 2, and 3. Each of the perks within the tiers were based upon their usefulness. You could chose one perk from each tier (or 2 in each in Black Ops 2), and that’s it. You couldn’t alter the selection anymore then that.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward has added the ability for players to fully customize what perks they want. There isn’t any tiers anymore. They’ve added 7 sections in which the divided the perk based upon their abilities.

  • Speed – Examples include Sleight of Hand and Agility allowing players to quickly move through the environment.
  • Handling – Improve the player’s weapon handling abilities with perks such as On The Go (reload while sprinting) and Strong Arm (throw equipment further and decrease grenade cook time).
  • Stealth – Perks such as Takedown (kill enemies without revealing their death location) and Off the Grid allow players to move through the environment undetected.
  • Awareness – Improve a player’s situational awareness and ability to detect enemy equipment.
  • Resistance – Enhance a player’s ability to withstand damage and regenerate health faster.
  • Equipment – Perks that allow players to hold extra equipment, attachments and ammunition.
  • Elite – A new type of player perk that includes Ping (a sonar ping that’s activated upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles) and Deadeye (consecutive kills increase the chance to deal more bullet damage).

And, they’ve also changed how we select perks.

In Ghosts, you get 8 allocation points for Perks only. You can chose whichever you want – you can’t 8 exceed points. Each perk has its own value, ranging from 1-5. If you take off your secondary and lethal/tactical, you can get up to 11 points for perks. This enables a broader range of customization than any Call of Duty game before.

This new perk system seems like it’ll redefine how perks work within Call of Duty multiplayer.

Here’s an image of some of the perks that will be in the game (via Reddit):

What do you think about this new perk system in Ghosts MP? 

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