Here’s what Call of Duty: Ghosts rendered in 3K resolution looks like

Keshav Bhat

A reddit user, zhrooms, has posted some screenshots of what Call of Duty: Ghosts would look like in a 3K resolution.

Here’s the imgur album with 22 images of Call of Duty: Ghosts at 3K resolution.

How does he do it? Zhrooms posted on reddit stating:

I have to fly around the map and with each shot try to get a good angle, then it’s a lot of work for each picture in photoshop, I have to sharpen it up because I am then scaling it down to 1920×1080, and before I scale it I have to manually crop it to not get the “Spectator” text in the picture, so I am taking the picture at 2880×1620 but actually what you see is only about 2500×1400, so it’s slightly zoomed to avoid the text, then scaling it down. So imagine that process for all maps, over a hundred pictures, that’s half a days work. But I will try to take at least 4-5 pictures of the maps I think look good, because it truly is one of the best looking games out there right now, it’s blows away Battlefield 4 honestly, as I stated before because of the smaller maps the detail is considerably higher.

SOURCE: Reddit user Zhrooms

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