Gamescom WRAP-UP: Charlie heads home with valuable INTEL



Gamescom is over for us and it’s been utterly exciting and chaotic. On day 2 and 3, we started of the day off by rushing to the Black Ops 2 booth to avoid all the lines (queues) as it was the first day open to the public. After getting more and more hands on experience, our love for this game increased a considerable amount and our passion for Call of Duty couldn’t have gotten any bigger. You need to play this game to understand what we’re talking about..

After hanging around the massive Black Ops 2 booth and getting to know some Activision staff and discussing Black Ops 2 with them, we had a once in a life time opportunity which was to have a social evening with Mark Lamia, David Vahnderhaar (Developers of Black Ops 2 at Treyarch). It was an amazing experience getting to know them better and discussing Black Ops 2 in depth along with various other things. We discovered just how great and appreciative these incredible people are.

We decided to gather all of our INTEL over the weekend, so this coming Monday be sure to check out the site for more in depth and detailed posts.

Also, seems like we keep getting bombarded on twitter with the same questions on these topics:

-Weapon Camo
-Hardened/Prestige Edition (if any)
-Details on Emblem Editor
-Details on Combat Training

Treyarch has big things planned for everything mentioned above, it will be revealed at a later date.


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