Fog of War – a new mini-map system debuts in Black Ops 4

Keshav Bhat

A brand new mini map system debuts in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer, which Treyarch is calling Fog of War. With the new mini map system, what’s happening on the entire map is not available to you.

When you move around, you see only what’s happening in a certain radius around you – the radius is limited to a certain distance and you see the map adjust as you move around in real time. The rest of the map is showing just the map outline – not what’s happening over there. The way someone shows up on the map is if they shoot. If an enemy player shoots their weapon, their own Fog of War will show up on the mini map. The Fog of War has a very limited radius. Players can see where the shot came from and what’s happening around them on the mini map for a certain amount of time.

Treyarch’s decision behind this is creating a game where communication and teamwork is key – players have to talk to each other to know what’s happening at different locations on the map and to know where to head too. It’s about situational awareness – changing up how you interact with the game and with the players on your team.

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