CoD fans expect plenty of new content to “justify” Modern Warfare 3’s premium price tag

Max Candelarezi
MW2 Ghost and MW3 key artActivision

Following Activision’s recent confirmation of Modern Warfare 3’s full $70 price tag, fans have been reacting to the news and rapidly voicing their opinions by questioning Activision’s decision.

Modern Warfare 3, the upcoming installment in the CoD franchise, is slated for a November 10, 2023 launch. The new title is set to be a direct continuation of MW2 (2022), and for the first time, back-to-back titles will be released within the same series. This led to players speculating that the game might be sold as MW2 DLC.

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Leading up to the unveiling of Modern Warfare 3, numerous rumors hinted at the possibility of it being an expansion pack rather than a full-fledged game, which fueled expectations that the game’s cost would be lower than in previous years.

However, Activision recently confirmed to CharlieIntel that Modern Warfare 3 will indeed be a full premium release, maintaining the same price tag as previous games at $70. This didn’t sit well with players, who upon learning this news, decided to express their discontent and frustration with Activision’s decision.

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Responding to CharlieIntel’s post sharing the news, several fans voiced their discontent. Many of them expressed their frustration by stating, “It better have sufficient content to justify that price,” emphasizing that the game’s cost should align with the level of content expected in a full game given its premium price tag.

Keep in mind that Modern Warfare 3 is expected to launch with plenty of new content. Captain Price’s voice actor even went as far as to claim that MW3 is “Not a f**king expansion pack.” Nonetheless, players could not help but comment on the premium price tag.

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Another user summed up the sentiment by saying, “In other words: we write MWIII on the cover to take another $70 out of your pockets.” This frustration mirrors the sentiment of players who view the upcoming release as an “MW2 2.0” version while being charged the full price.

Other players even dive into a brief breakdown of the situation: “$70 for a campaign and updates players wanted for years,” referring to the rumors that indicate SHG would bring fan-favorite features back, such as bringing back Ninja Perk, the classic minimap, and popular Warzone 1’s slide cancel mechanic.

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Although not all fans have been surprised by this, most seem disappointed by the decision to release MW3 at full price so they’ll undoubtedly hold high expectations for the game, hoping it will deliver all the content normally associated with a $70 title.

Luckily, the full slate of content for Modern Warfare 3 has yet to be revealed, and fans could yet change their tune once they know what to expect from the brand-new title.

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