COD 2023 leak suggests MW2 weapons will carry over to Modern Warfare 3

Luca Di Marzo
TAQ-56 in Modern Warfare 2

Reports suggest that Modern Warfare 2 weapons and Operators could make their way to Modern Warfare 3 following the next COD title’s anticipated release.

Anticipation for COD 2023, also known as Modern Warfare 3 is beginning to grow as leaks are coming thick and fast. Leaks have started to hint at some of the new features that could make an appearance in Modern Warfare 3 such as a Gear-based Perk system, the return of the classic minimap and Ninja Perk, as well as a look at some of the weapons that could appear.

It has also been reported that the Modern Warfare 3 UI could turn out to be incredibly similar to Modern Warfare 2‘s. That may not be the only similarity between the two games since new reports suggest that weapons from Modern Warfare 2 could feature in Modern Warfare 3.

According to leaker BobNetworkUK, “MWII Operators and Weapons could transfer over to MWIII.”

While this isn’t the first time that leakers have suggested that elements from Modern Warfare 2 could transfer over to Modern Warfare 3, BobNetworkUK also provided a leaked image of what looks to be an MW3 in-game image of the TAQ-V.

Those who played Modern Warfare 2 will know that the TAQ-V is a Battle Rifle that belongs to the popular Tactique Verte weapon platform. Therefore, the leaked images of Modern Warfare 3’s weapon roster are adding fuel to reports that Modern Warfare 2 weapons could transfer over to the new title.

Some have speculated that the images of the weapon roster with both the MW3 and MW2 logos could relate to their integration into Warzone. We’ll let you know if this is the case as more information comes to light.

With the report also suggesting that Operators could transfer over, many players will be wondering if the cosmetics they purchased in Modern Warfare 2 will be accessible in Modern Warfare 3. We’ll provide an answer to this burning question as soon as the devs reveal their plans for the new title.

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