Modern Warfare 2 weapon Platforms: How to unlock every gun in Season 6

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 WeaponsActivision

Modern Warfare 2 features an impressive selection of more than 70 weapons, with a significant number of them exclusively accessible through the Weapon Platform feature. Here’s a list of each weapon Platform that explains how to unlock every weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Season 6.

Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2 arrived on September 27, introducing exciting additions such as the Spawn Operator, a fresh lineup of weapons like the ISO 9mm SMG, TR-76 Geist AR, and Dual Kamas. These additions join the diverse array of weaponry available for players to level up and earn camos.

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With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward reinvented how players unlock their weapons, introducing the new Platforms feature. With some weapons being different versions of others, you’ll actually be leveling up certain weapons to unlock more.

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing, as we’ve got a full explanation of weapon Platforms and how to unlock every weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Season 6.

Modern Warfare 2 weapon Platforms explained

Modern Warfare 2’s Platform system allows for more customization than ever.

Modern Warfare 2’s new weapon Platform feature means that not every weapon is unlocked through a rank. You’ll actually need to progress through a weapon tree to unlock all of the guns within that Platform.

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For example, to unlock weapons such as the FTAC Recon and 556 Icarus, you’ll need to hit at least Level 14 with the M4. Then, to unlock the M16, you’ll need to reach Level 14 with the 556 Icarus.

Certain attachments and camos will be available for the entirety of the Platform, making leveling up these weapons much quicker and easier.

We’re breaking down how to unlock every weapon in the game through weapon Platforms, as well as a list of the guns that are either in their own Platform or aren’t in one.

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Modern Warfare 2 M4 platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
M4Automatically unlocked
FTAC ReconReach M4 Level 14
556 IcarusReach M4 Level 19
M16Reach 556 Icarus Level 14
FSS HurricaneReach FTAC Recon Level 17
Tempus TorrentGet 25 Double Kills with Marksman Rifles

Modern Warfare 2 Tactique Verte platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
TAQ-56Reach Level 19
TAQ-VReach TAQ-56 Level 11
TAQ-MReach TAQ-56 Level 20

Modern Warfare 2 Bruen Bullpup platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
STB 556Reach Level 41
MX9Reach STB 556 Level 13
HCR 56Reach STB 556 Level 20

Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann & Meer platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Lachmann-762Reach Level 16
Lachmann-556Reach Lachmann-762 Level 12
LM-SReach Lachmann-762 Level 16
RAPP HReach Lachmann-556 Level 12
Lachmann Sub Reach Lachmann-556 Level 12
Lachmann ShroudGet 30 Operator Hipfire Kills with SMGs

Modern Warfare 2 Kastovia platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Kastov 762Reach Level 23
Kastov 545Reach Kastov 762 Level 13
RPKReach Kastov 762 Level 16
Kastov-74uReach Kastov 545 Level 13
Vaznev-9KReach Kastov-74u Level 15
MinibakReach Vaznev-9K Level 14
KV BroadsideGet 50 one-shot kills with Shotguns

Modern Warfare 2 Ordnance Weapon platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
EBR-14Automatically unlocked
SO-14Reach EBR-14 Level 12

Modern Warfare 2 Bryson 800 Series platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Bryson 800Automatically unlocked
Bryson 890Reach Bryson 800 Level 16

Modern Warfare 2 Bryson Long Rifle platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
SP-R 208Reach Level 7
SA-B 50Reach SP-R 208 Level 16
LA-B 330Reach SA-B 50 Level 17
SP-X 80Reach LA-B 330 Level 17

Modern Warfare 2 XRK platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
X12Reach Level 31
X13 AutoReach X12 Level 10

Modern Warfare 2 Bruen Ops platform

Weapon Unlock Requirement
BAS-PGet 25 headshots with SMGs
M13BUnlocked through exfiling with the weapon after killing the Chemist in DMZ
ChimeraExtract from DMZ Building 21 or get 2 kills with ARs in 15 separate matches

Modern Warfare 2 Hailfire platform

Weapon Unlock Requirement
Cronen SquallGet 30 headshot Operator kills with Battle Rifles

Modern Warfare 2 ISO platform unlocks

WeaponUnlock Requirement
ISO HemlockGet 20 Longshot kills with Assault Rifles
ISO 45Get 45 Operator kills without taking any damage using SMGs
ISO 9mmComplete the Season 6 Battle Pass Sector F4

Modern Warfare 2 Geist platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
TR-76 GeistComplete the Season 6 Battle Pass Sector F7

How to unlock non-Platform weapons in Modern Warfare 2

All of these weapons are in their own Platform for now and can be unlocked by simply reaching a high enough Rank or Sector in the Battle Pass. Weapons may be added to Platforms as more arrive, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any Platforms are expanded.

WeaponUnlock Requirement
VEL 46Automatically unlocked
PDSW 528Reach Level 5
Fennec 45Reach Level 38
Lockwood 300Reach Level 36
Expedite 12Reach Level 9
Sakin MG38Automatically unlocked
RAAL MGReach Level 25
Lockwood Mk2Reach Level 28
MCPR-300Automatically unlocked
Signal 50Reach Level 44
Riot ShieldReach Level 37
P890Automatically unlocked
.50 GSReach Level 13
GS MagnaGet 30 headshot kills with the .50 GS
BasiliskReach Level 39
PILAAutomatically unlocked
STRELA-PReach Level 14
JOKRReach Level 24
RPG-7Reach Level 32
Victus XMRGet 15 headshots with Sniper Rifles
Dual KodachisGet 100 kills with Melee weapons
CrossbowGet 50 longshot kills with Marksman Rifles
FTAC SiegeGet 50 sidearm hipfire kills using Handguns
FJX Imperium (Intervention)Get 30 one-shot kills with Sniper Rifles
Tempus Razorback35 Operator kills while mounted using ARs
TonfaAutomatically unlocked
MX GuardianGet 50 sidearm hip-fire kills using Handguns
FR Avancer Get 35 headshot Operator kills using Assault Rifles
Carrack .300Get 23 Operator one-shot kills with Snipers
9mm DaemonGet 15 Operator headshot kills with Pistols
PickaxeGet 15 Operator kills with Melee weapons
Dual KamasComplete the Season 6 Battle Pass Sector F18

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