Call of Duty: Black Ops February 12 Game Settings Update: New Playlists

Keshav Bhat

The latest Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now live across platforms and brings new playlists and updates to some existing ones.

Some of the new playlists are on PS4 only for one week, while other updates are live across platforms.

The score limits for TDM and Kill Confirmed have been updated on all platforms in Black Ops 4:

  • TDM score limit raised to 100
  • Kill Confirmed score limit raised to 80
  • Arms Race TDM (PS4)
  • Endurance Chaos Moshpit (Xbox One/PC)
  • Close Quarters Frenzy LTM in Blackout (PS4)
  • Ambush LTM week 2 in Blackout (Xbox One and PC

Beyond this update, there’s more to come this week, including Quad Feed this weekend, alongside a preview of the new Operation. Stay tuned.

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