“Broken” Warzone attachment is perfect close-range alternative to SMGs

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone jak purifier attachment

Warzone players are noticing how strong an underused attachment is in the battle royale, with some even describing it as “broken.”

With so many options to choose from in Warzone, weapons and attachments can often get overlooked, especially when only a handful of builds are floating around the meta.

Choosing a balanced loadout for all ranges is tough, especially when you can only pick two weapons. Most Warzone players will pick their favorite AR and then choose either a Sniper for long ranges, or an SMG for close. However, that can leave you vulnerable at either close or long range, depending on your decision.

Ideally, you’d want a loadout that covers you for all ranges in Warzone, and while that may sound far-fetched, Reddit user ‘Pequod_vl’ may have done just that, as they shared an underused attachment that allows you to use a Rifle and Sniper, while also providing a close-range option.

The attachment in question is the Jak Purifier, which is essentially a flamethrower Underbarrel attachment for many of the Rifles in the game. The Reddit user said they “absolutely love this attachment,” mainly because they can continue to use their “fav rifle and sniper and still play close range.”

This Warzone flamethrower attachment can be unlocked for free in Sector A14 of the Season 1 Battle Pass, with an Armory Unlock challenge likely to follow once the season ends.

The attachment should only be used for close range, as once you move out of its effective distance, it won’t do any damage. That said, for those looking to keep their Assault Rifle and Sniper in their loadout, this could be a great option for those close-quarters situations.

The OP uses the BAS-B with the Jak Purifier, but you can use the flamethrower on all the MW3 Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles, so you’ll be able to run it with your favorite.

Another Warzone player in the comments of the post also shared a positive opinion on the Jak Purifier, as they said, “It’s surprisingly good, just tried it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised,” while another described it as “broken.”

It seems the post has convinced others to try it out, as one user commented, “Forgot this existed I’m putting that s**t on lol.” So, if you’re looking for a close-range option while retaining your Rifle/Sniper loadout, the Jak Purifier could be the answer.

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