Best Longbow loadout for Warzone Season 1

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Longbow Sniper Rifle Warzone

Warzone has a wide variety of weapons to choose from, but when it comes to conquering long ranges, Sniper Rifles are the favored pick to use. So, here’s the best Longbow loadout for Warzone Season 1, including all attachments, Perks, and more.

Warzone has a wide variety of weapons that players can choose from. Among them, Assault Rifles, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles are usually favored by players, allowing them to cover all distances.

Whether it’s the new big map Urzikstan or the well-known Resurgence maps, Vondel and Ashika Island, having a Sniper allows you to eliminate enemies at long distances without exposing yourself to constant fights.

So, here’s the best Longbow loadout for Warzone Season 1, including attachments, Perks, Equipment, and more.

Best Warzone Longbow loadout attachments

Warzone Operators in Urzikstan map
Warzone brought back one-shot Snipers with the KATT-AMR.
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor
  • Barrel: Pro-99 Long Barrel
  • Stock: Mane V6 Stock
  • Ammunition: 7.62x39mm High Grain Rounds
  • Bolt: SA-M Quickbolt

To kick off the best Longbow loadout for Warzone, we picked the Sonic Suppressor, Pro-99 Long Barrel, and 7.62x39mm High Grain Rounds combination to drastically improve the gun’s bullet velocity and damage range. Additionally, the Muzzle will allow you to be undetectable by the enemy’s radars.

Then, the Mane V6 Stock will help you out with recoil and gun kick control, as well as enhancing the firing aim stability and aiming idle sway. Lastly, the SA-M Quickbolt will boost the rechambering speed, allowing you to quickly get shots off.

Best Warzone Longbow loadout Perks & Equipment

  • Perk 1: Focus
  • Perk 2: E.O.D
  • Perk 3: Tempered
  • Perk 4: High Alert
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex
  • Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade

For the best Perks, try equipping E.O.D. to counter explosive damage from enemy Lethal Equipment. Additionally, Focus proves practical by extending the duration of breath-holding, complementing the Longbow Sniper Rifle perfectly.

Then, Tempered will allow you to quickly regain full health with just two plates. Meanwhile, High Alert serves as a crucial warning system, alerting you to potential threats from approaching enemy players.

In terms of Equipment selection, opting for the classic Semtex grants you the possibility to clear any room and the Smoke Grenade will facilitate a swift escape from any unfavorable situation.

How to unlock Longbow in Warzone

Warzone players fighting on train tracks
Playing the Plunder mode is a fast way to rank up levels within Warzone.

To unlock the Longbow in Warzone you’ll simply need to reach Level 25 to unlock the Armory Unlock system and subsequently complete the specified number of Daily Challenges.

It’s important to note that if you’ve already finished all the currently available Daily Challenges, victories and surviving within the game will also contribute to progressing in the Armory Unlock system.

Best Longbow alternatives in Warzone

The best alternative for the Longbow in Warzone Season 1 is the KATT-AMR, which is the only Sniper capable of killing with a single shot.

Additionally, MW2’s MCPR-300 remains a popular choice given its high damage and ease of use.

All in all, that’s the best Longbow Sniper Rifle loadout for Warzone Season 1, including all attachments, Perks, and Equipment.

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