Where to buy new streaks in Warzone Season 2: Containment Monitor Station locations

Liam Mackay
Containment terminal in Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded has added four powerful new streaks you can use to your advantage in CoD’s battle royale, so here are all the new streaks you can purchase and where to buy them.

Warzone’s mid-Season 2 update has sought to change up the battle royale’s gameplay by tuning the most overpowered weapons, fixing the frustrating plate glitch, as well as adding new streaks for players to take advantage of.

These new streaks can be purchased from Containment Monitor Stations in the missile silos, and although expensive, they can give your team a major advantage in Warzone.

Here are all of the new streaks and how to get your hands on them.

Warzone containment monitor station

New Warzone streaks and prices

There are four new streaks on offer following the mid-Season 2 update. They can all be purchased from Containment Stations, but they don’t come cheap.

Here are all of the new streaks, what they do, and their price.

  • Bombardment (Requires Key)
  • RC-XD ($3,000)
  • Advanced UAV ($12,000)
  • Foresight ($20,000)


Warzone player running from explosions

Bombardment will rain hell on the area currently infested with Zombies. It’s similar to the Red Zone from PUBG, where a more powerful Cluster Strike continuously bombards a selected area. The Zombies are in Downtown as of the update so there’s plenty of places to hide, but expect this streak to become more effective if the Zombies shift to a more open area.

It can’t be purchased with cash, you’ll need to get your hands on a Yellow Keycard. You can follow our full guide on how to unlock and use the Bombardment streak.


The RC-XD is a classic Black Ops toy. This remote-control car with a bomb strapped to it first appeared in Warzone ahead of Cold War’s launch, but can now be purchased from both Containment Monitor Stations and regular Buy Stations for $3000. Rather than your typical explosion, Warzone’s RC-XD deploys a plume of toxic gas in your enemy’s face.

Warzone RC-XD gameplay

Advanced UAV

While you could create a makeshift Advanced UAV by calling in three UAVs at once, this new streak is the real deal. For $12,000, it provides you with a live feed of the location and position of every player on the map regardless of if they have the Ghost perk. Save it for the endgame and you’ll be able to easily win matches of Warzone.


Warzone Foresight perk

Foresight is the most powerful streak available in Warzone Season 2. It will give you the position of every circle on the map, and even tell you where the final circles will shift to.

You can easily set yourself up for the win early in the game, so it’s no surprise Foresight will cost a whopping $20,000.

Warzone Containment Monitor Station locations

All of these new streaks can be purchased through the Containment Monitor Stations. These mysterious computer screens arrived inside the missile silos at the beginning of Warzone Season 2, but nobody knew what they were for.

Missile silo in Warzone Season 2

These terminals have now been switched on and act as upgraded Buy Stations where you can purchase some brand new, extremely powerful, streaks. There is a Monitor Station inside each of the three missile silos, so head inside and you’ll soon find the terminal with the yellow skull on the screen.

  • Containment Monitor Station location 1: On top of the hill to the south-west of Military Base
  • Containment Monitor Station location 2: South-west corner of the map, on the hill directly south of Promenade West
  • Containment Monitor Station location 3: Inside bunker on the coast to the south of Park
Map showing Missile Silos locations on Verdansk

These missile silos are also rammed with high-tier loot such as Legendary Crates that will give you a ton of cash that you can spend on these streaks.

Save up your cash in and take it to one of these Containment Monitors and you’ll have everything you need to win a game of Warzone in Season 2.

Image Credit: Activision