Warzone pros claim Raven give low K/D players better accuracy

Liam Mackay
Warzone Operator firing sniper rifle

Warzone pros claim that playing on a low K/D account gives players an “absurd” improvement in hit registration, making their weapons far more accurate.

Amid reports that Activision are shadowbanning top-tier Warzone players who receive a ton of reports, these pro players have been switching to alt accounts to continue playing. But this appears to have brought another issue to the community’s attention.

Hit registration, or ‘bullet reg,’ refers to how accurately the game registers where you’ve placed your shots. Bullet reg is usually connection-based, but Warzone players believe that playing on a low K/D account gives them wildly better hit registration, making them far more accurate.

Warzone pro Flxnked tested out the theory by jumping on a 0.3 K/D account to see if it makes any difference to their aim. They claimed that it gave them “an ABSURD difference in bullet reg.”

In a clip from the same day titled ‘skill based bullet reg,’ Flxnked won the Gulag with impressive hit registration, continuing to hit the enemy while only a fraction of their body was showing.

Another Warzone pro, zSmit, backed up the claim, saying that they were “7 bulleting people with an mp40” while playing on a 0.7 K/D account.

One player claimed that they have tested this theory before, and “playing on a new account feels like having aimbot.” Others agreed, with another player saying that it’s the same while they play on their dad’s account.

It’s possible that Raven Software gives new Call of Duty players an artificial boost in accuracy to help them get started, but there’s no guarantee of a correlation between a player’s kill to death ratio and their bullet registration.

Hit reg is mostly affected by latency, so perhaps these low K/D accounts are getting into more stable lobbies, but there’s no way of knowing without thorough testing.

We expect more players to test out this theory while it’s out in the wild. In the meantime, you can check out how Activision are clamping down on cheat providers, filing a lawsuit against EngineOwning, which caused another cheat provider to close shop.

Image Credit: Activision