Warzone players want Raven to remove UAVs permanently

Hamza Khalid
UAV in Warzone Pacific

The Warzone Pacific community is frustrated with the overabundance of UAVs in matches, and players are calling for the developers to permanently remove the killstreak.

Finding or buying killstreaks lets you take out your opponents much quicker in Warzone Pacific, and the UAV killstreak allows you to spot all players that aren’t using the Ghost Perk to hide on the map.

However, many in the Warzone community feel that this popular killstreak is used much too often during matches, so they’re calling for Raven Software to permanently remove UAVs from the game.

Warzone UAV

Reddit user ‘maxpowerphd’ expressed their frustration with how often players use UAVs during Warzone Pacific matches, claiming that it was more fun when Vanguard Royale had the killstreak tied to completing contracts.

They claimed that removing the UAVs would encourage players to be more creative during combat as they could experiment with different Warzone Perks instead of having to rely on Ghost to stay hidden.

The Redditor wrote: “I think they were onto something with the UAV change and hope they bring it back or up the price on them again.” Many of the commenters were on board with this suggestion.

One user commented: “Couldn’t agree more. People use them as a crutch like Heartbeat Sensors instead of using their eyes. Plus, UAVs promote one-sided gunfights as only one side has all the info.”

The UAV killstreak can be extremely effective in Warzone Pacific’s multiplayer, allowing you to find and take out opponents before they even have a chance to react. Since it’s fairly easy to get your hands on, many players can use it as a crutch.

This is why the devs removed it from Buy Stations in the game’s Vanguard Royale mode before bringing it back for $6,000 in the March 3 update. However, they’ve stated that they might up the price again to $9,000.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not the developers will listen to this suggestion and remove UAVs from the game permanently. If this change is implemented, it would certainly encourage players to try out different combat tactics.

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