Warzone players want clever addition to make Lootable Perks even better

Liam Mackay
Warzone player and EOD Perk

Warzone’s Lootable Perks have been a hit with the community, offering much more variety in their loadouts and playstyles. But they want to see Raven Software make one clever change that would make them even better.

Perks are a Call of Duty staple and became extremely important in Warzone too. Long gone are the days when every player would use E.O.D, Overkill/Ghost, and Amped, with Perks such as Serpentine, Restock, and Combat Scout now leading the meta.

Players are given much more choice thanks to Season 3’s Lootable Perks which allow players to armor themselves with even more power-ups, but they’re looking for Raven Software to add one key quality of life change to make them even better.

Warzone Perks with loadout

Reddit user TheMilkMan4 suggested that Raven “add a way for me to see which Perks I currently have equipped.” They explained that they “don’t know how many times” they’ve been looting and picked up a Perk without seeing what it was.

This would make it much easier to decide how you’re going to play a situation, as well as which loadout to take. Knowing which Warzone Perks you have means you choose a loadout where you don’t double-up, allowing you to carry even more.

Raven Software gave the HUD a long-requested makeover back in Season 3 Reloaded, allowing players to see whether their squads’ armor plate count, whether they have a Gas Mask, and the team’s total money.

If adding Perks to this menu would make it too cluttered, players had a few suggestions on where Raven could put them. One user suggested adding Perks to the inventory screen where players can see all of their ammo and weapons, and the OP suggested adding it to the map screen.

We’re expecting even more quality of life changes in July 27’s Season 4 Reloaded update, but we’ll need to wait for the full patch notes to see everything that’s changed.

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