Warzone players have found a door that instantly kills you in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Season 4 door bug

A new bug has shown up in Verdansk following the Season 4 update which seems to instantly down players who interact with a certain door.

Just like every new season, the Warzone Season 4 patch introduced a heap of new content for players to enjoy.

Not only did players get a whole new Battle Pass, weapon changes, and a 120fps update for those on PS5, which is sure to satisfy, but players have also been given some new bugs, one of which is pretty deadly.

Warzone Season 4 door bug

Warzone Season 4 door bug

Like any update, new content and code give rise to unwanted bugs and glitches that players don’t usually welcome.

One new bug involves a door in Verdansk that is instantly downing players as soon as they run into it. Reddit user Rxelik_ posted the bug with a video presenting exactly how it looks in-game.

As soon as the player touches the door they instantly go down. This a very odd bug that is quite amusing but also definitely needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Some users in the comments suggested that it could potentially be due to the new Red Door fast travel system, but this is just speculation:

“Is there a red door “out” point in there now?” One user suggested. “Not actually played but I saw a clip of someone using a red door and they came out in a room with an orange crate and a closed door. Wondering if they spawn you in rooms you can only open from the inside maybe?”

We aren’t sure what is causing this bug but hopefully, Raven Software can offer a fix soon, as although it is game-breaking, it could surprise a few unsuspecting players.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Rxelik_