Warzone players find major issue with Caldera’s Storage Town

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator on Storage Town

Verdansk’s Storage Town POI was added to Caldera in the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update, and players have already come across a frustrating problem with this location.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 gave players a new map to battle on with the addition of Fortune’s Keep, and the seasonal update also brought some major changes to Caldera.

These changes include the addition of the Storage Town POI from Verdansk. Now, Warzone Pacific players have already discovered a major issue with this location.

Storage Town in Warzone Pacific

Reddit user ‘BIGG_FRIGG’ expressed their annoyance with how Warzone players respawn around Storage Town, claiming that it makes them easy targets for enemies that are camping nearby.

The Redditor stated: “It’s literally one single spot no matter where you die. Good luck flying back in with everyone and their mother camping on the rocks just waiting and picking people out of the sky with an NZ41.”

Since players spawn in the air while facing huge rocks and hills, enemies just have to take cover and shoot them out of the sky. BIGG_FRIGG described the respawning around Storage Town as “super lazy and frustrating.”

Getting killed in the same way over and over again can be extremely irritating for players that just want to return to Storage Town for more battles. Many players in the thread shared their frustration with this issue.

One user wrote: “All you wanna do is get back to Storage for some gunfights and you can’t even make it to the ground with kids sitting on a rock shooting you out of the sky.” They then slammed the devs for making players repeatedly respawn in the exact same spot.

byu/BIGG_FRIGG from discussion

The main issue that players reported was that they spawn too close to the ground, making it easy for enemies to pick them off. This is because the Storage Town POI is located on a mountain.

As a result of this elevation, players end up spawning just a few inches from the ground. One commenter stated: “The POI is too high, it’s on a mountain. They need to raise the spawn height.”

byu/BIGG_FRIGG from discussion

Storage Town was previously on the Verdansk map, and players would often head there for intense and fast-paced battles. Now, this respawning problem has upset players that were excited to see the POI return on Caldera.

In another thread about this problem, one user commented: “They’ve managed to take one of the most fun and fast-paced POIs of a great map in Verdansk, and turn it into the most tedious and frustrating POI on a poor map in Caldera.”

byu/DoubleFlip from discussion

Another commenter gave a few different suggestions for how players can get around this problem after respawning at Storage Town. One of them involves dropping for a bit after spawning, and then gliding left all the way to the side of the POI.

This keeps you out the way of enemies taking cover behind the top hill and rocks. You can then use the bottom hills for cover as you glide all the way to the left-side entrance of Caldera’s Storage Town.

byu/BIGG_FRIGG from discussion

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not the developers will respond to these complaints by adjusting the respawn position around Caldera’s Storage Town POI in a future update.

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