Warzone players explain why wins should reset for Pacific Caldera release

Andrew Highton
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After nearly two years, Warzone is set for a monumental shake-up thanks to the new Caldera map. To help usher in this new era, players feel that a new map and the introduction of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system warrants a clean slate for Warzone Pacific.

Verdansk has provided many incredible moments and memories for Warzone players, with different versions of the map having played host to countless tournaments and matches.

Now, players will say goodbye to Verdansk as the Vanguard and Warzone integration is set to welcome the new Caldera map, courtesy of Warzone Pacific.

To celebrate the new map and RICOCHET anti-cheat system, fans of the game want Raven Software to also reset everyone’s stats ahead of the new map as it should be devoid of cheaters and hackers, and give a truer reflection of everyone’s ability.

Before the announcement of their anti-cheat system, Raven had banned at least 800,000 accounts in an effort to thwart illegal play during the game.

Cheating and hacking have understandably had a huge bearing on stats, and Reddit user ymamai has posed the question: “Should stats reset with the new warzone map and anti-cheat?”

Caldera is the beginning of a new chapter for Warzone, and ymamai suggested: “Since cheaters plague the current Warzone map, it would only be fitting to create a clean slate for everybody to level up their K/D and W/L ratios fairly. [It] would also be a good way to track new cheaters that bypass the anti-cheat [by monitoring] unusually high K/D and W/L [ratios] to determine fairness.”

To add to this suggestion, one user offered up another solution that actually garnered more upvotes than the OP: “If they do all the stats thus far should be compiled under a new tab in the barracks section labeled Map 1: Verdansk. This way we can always look back on how we did for 1.6 years.”

In many ways, this could make the most sense as it would allow players to see be able to look back on their history in Verdansk. There was also a suggestion that there should be seasonal stats too.

There’s been no official confirmation that anything like this will happen, and it remains to be seen if Raven does decide to tinker with stats ahead of Warzone Pacific’s Caldera release.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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