Warzone players call for smoke grenades to get major buff

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone smoke grenade

As stun and flash grenades continue to dominate Warzone in Season 4, some players now call for the smoke grenades to receive a buff to balance out the tactical equipment method.

Warzone Season 4 has seen various changes to both weapons and equipment, with updates to the Specialist Bonus and even the Riot Shield.

Regardless of these changes and meta updates, it seems players aren’t satisfied with the tactical equipment balancing, with some players suggesting a buff for smoke grenades may be needed.

Warzone smoke grenade

Reddit SoupIsAHotSmoothie put a post up with the caption, “If done properly, smoke would be an amazing tactical in this game.”

Smoke is currently the weakest tactical in the game, with not many players actually using it over the Flash and Stun grenades.

Although it can be useful for distracting opponents and gaining some cover when collecting your loadout, it isn’t worth it when you could take something like a stun or flash, which will give you the advantage in a fight.

Further, even the Heartbeat Sensor is more useful in the current update of the game, purely due to the advantage it can give you when you are in combat.

Warzone Smoke grenade buff

The suggestion from SoupIsAHotSmoothie is as so:

“This entire game is based upon fire and movement, cover and concealment, and tactical withdrawals when the option of offence is lost. Smoke would be an incredible enabler of these tactics if they fine tune it to be more smoke-like. It needs to: rise higher, last 25% longer, and stretch with the “wind.”

It seems players in the comments also agree with the suggestion, with one stating that they agree:

“Agreed. With how many open areas there are with no cover and how fast the ttk is. It gives you a fighting chance to rotate without having to use a vehicle.”

It would be great to see a shift towards balancing tactical equipment in Warzone, as it would give Warzone more options and variety in combat.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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