Warzone players desperate for Raven to improve “trash” ground loot in Season 6

Hamza Khalid
Warzone operator with ground loot

Warzone Season 5 brought a ton of fun content, but some fans haven’t been too impressed with the ground loot this season, and one player has suggested a potential change in Season 6.

When you hop into a game of Warzone, the first thing you’ll need to do is collect some ground loot to defend yourself. However, fans aren’t happy with the state of the loot in Season 5, calling it “horrible.”

Now, one player has highlighted this issue and come up with a few suggestions for how the developers can fix the problems with the ground loot when Warzone Season 6 finally arrives.

Warzone ground loot

Reddit user LegionOfGrixis went over the importance of ground loot. “Good ground loot can mean the difference between having a fighting chance when getting into a battle with loadout or getting railed to oblivion,” wrote the user.

They then suggested a few changes that the developers could make in Season 6:

  • Max out the SMG mags or at least the second to last mag
  • Reduce the number of sniper spawn rates
  • Stay away from thermal or high magnification sights on Assault Rifles
  • Stop putting red dots on shotguns
  • Keep some staple meta guns in the ground loot, such as the, MAC and Bullfrog

Many of the commenters agreed with these suggestions and vented their own frustrations with the ground loot. “Honestly, ground loot needs to be like what they had in Iron Trials or maybe a slight downgrade seeing as how you have less health XP,” wrote one user.

A few other players also joked about how overpowered the melee mechanic is, making ground loot less necessary. “Except with how OP melee is you’ll probably come out on top,” one user sarcastically replied.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not Raven Software will implement any major changes to the ground loot in Season 6, but fans will hopefully get some improved collections when the update arrives.

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Image credits: Activision / Raven Software

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