Warzone players beg for major buffs to Modern Warfare Assault Rifles

Andrew Highton
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Despite being the game’s original guns, the Modern Warfare weapons pale in comparison to Cold War’s guns in Warzone. So players want Raven to give MW’s guns a major buff in the near future.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s gameplay and meta completely changed once it was integrated with Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War. The 80s guns and attachments were generally better and outperformed the Modern Warfare weapons.

As the battle royale shooter approaches Season 5, not too much has really changed. Many of the guns in our best Warzone guns list are ripped from Cold War, and Modern Warfare’s firearms continue to be overlooked. Players feel it’s time for Raven to set things straight and start handing out some buffs.

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TetraVaal2154 is leading the charge for change and says: “For someone like myself, who only got into COD as recently as 2019 due to Modern Warfare and its revised emphasis on realistic gunplay, weapon animations like reloads and press checks, and all that sort of stuff that appeals to a gun nut like myself.

“Cold War comes along with its cr*ppy animations, unrealistic designs (an extended mag revolver with a suppressor, lolwut?), anachronistic attachments, and just an overall emphasis on cartoonish trash that had little to no imagination put into it whatsoever, and it threw off what made this game mode so appealing to me this time last summer.”

It’s true that Cold War has utilized guns and gear that don’t necessarily represent the era the game is trying to recapture. But in a game that has Blueprints allowing their gun to be a rocket or a dragon, realism isn’t always the name of the game.

The user continued to say that: “every CW rifle is a ‘meta’ compared to even the best MW rifles, and it’s made this game virtually unplayable for someone like myself.”

So it’s not even the hacking or other problems that had deterred the user, with the game’s imbalanced weapons clearly an issue for them.

There’s a good chance that all this could be a non-starter by November, with the expected release of Call of Duty: Vanguard set to shake things up.

A new WW2-themed battle royale map is apparently in the works, and if so, then it could signal the end for Verdansk and all the Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons anyway.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Sofware / Treyarch