Warzone PC players are furious at game’s “aimbot” aim assist

Hamza Khalid
Warzone operator holding weapon

Warzone Pacific players on PC are frustrated with the rotational aim assist feature that’s reportedly letting console players “aimbot” and pick off their targets effortlessly.

Aim and movement are the most important mechanics for you to master if you want to be victorious in Warzone matches, and PC players generally find this easy with a mouse and keyboard.

In order to make things feel more balanced, the game includes aim assist for players that prefer to play with a controller. However, some in the Warzone community feel that this feature makes things too easy.

Reddit user ‘sendnadez’ claimed that players using a controller have the benefit of “perfect tracking” which ensures that they can easily dispatch their targets in close-range combat situations.

The Redditor then asked if the developers are planning to nerf the aim assist, describing its effectiveness as a “soft aimbot.” Players have made this complaint before and are fed up that the issue still persists in the last season before Warzone 2.

In the past, even popular content creators like JGOD and Dr Disrespect have criticized this feature for giving an unfair advantage to console players. Many commenters in this thread voiced their frustration with the aim assist.

One of the commenters explained: “How many narrow gunfights I lost simply because my snap on target was off by a micrometer while my opponent does not have to make such micro corrections thanks to [aim assist].”

They agreed that rotational aim assist is essentially a soft aimbot before stating that this feature also works through foliage, smoke, and even stun grenades. As a result, they feel that it gives controller-using players an unfair advantage in Warzone.

Another user also felt that the aim assist on controllers is overpowered, as players are able to hit their targets accurately with minimum effort. They claimed that the game is “helping them in every gunfight.”

According to this commenter, controller players can perfectly target your upper chest while making a mistake on your mouse and keyboard can result in instant death.

Hopefully, the Warzone 2 developers will take steps to ensure that the rotational aim assist doesn’t give console users a huge advantage over their competition.

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