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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect believes Warzone aim assist has received secret buff

After dying mutliple times in Warzone games, Dr Disrespect beleives that aim assist for controller players has been given a secret buff.



Ghost aiming down sights with Dr Disrespect

Controller players are helped by aim assist in Warzone to make up for the precision of mouse and keyboard users, but Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm feels that the feature might have been given a secret buff to make the assist more effective.

Nerfs and buffs are nothing new in Warzone, helping keep the game’s meta fresh with each new update.

Even though Season 6 is set to be the last before Warzone Pacific takes over and Call of Duty: Vanguard is fully integrated, the devs are still happy to make big changes.

The latest possible tweak has been found by YouTube star Dr Disrespect, who believes he has uncovered a secret buff to Warzone’s aim assist.

Dr Disrespect and Ghost Operator in Warzone

In one of his recent streams, Dr Disrespect reacted in shock after he was killed by a controller player during a game of Warzone, causing him to ask if the aim assist has been given a buff.

The enemy was able to stay aimed directly over Doc’s character and landed nearly every shot with ease.

“That’s insane. It just doesn’t allow you to miss any bullets,” he said after watching the kill cam. “Has there been an update? A sneak-through patch that makes the aim assist a little bit stronger?”

Doc then lowers his sensitivity in an attempt to make his own shots more accurate but is still killed in the next game by another player with aim assist.

“Some of the kill cams today have been disgusting, it makes me want to throw away this game,” he said after his third death in a row.

Later in the stream, fellow streamer Cloakzy also described the aim assist in Warzone as “broken” at the moment.

“Something’s going on, something doesn’t feel right,” Doc continued. “Everyone is a magnetic aiming genius right now, and I don’t know what to do.”

Aim assist in Warzone

Raven is yet to confirm whether or not they have made any changes to the strength of aim assist for controller players in Warzone, but the feeling appears to be that something is different.

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Image credits: Dr Disrespect / Activision