Warzone glitch lets you use STG44 and M1 Garand from CoD: Vanguard early

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone m1 garand from Vanguard

A new glitch has been found in Warzone Season 6, allowing players to use the STG44 and M1 Garand from Call of Duty: Vanguard, which aren’t supposed to arrive until after the game is released.

Warzone Season 6 has brought loads of new content for players to get their hands on, including new weapons, battle pass, and even the upcoming Haunting event, which will bring some classic Horror movie villains into the game.

Although Season 6 is the final season of the Black Ops Cold War integration with Warzone, players have found a way to use the STG44 and M1 Garand from Vanguard early.

black ops cold war and warzone season 6 artwork

The glitch comes from YouTuber Eriv, who recently posted a video explaining how to do the glitch in Warzone Season 6.

The glitch is done by playing game modes with the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade, such as Plunder.

The glitch happens by simply picking up a random weapon from the Weapon Drop and killing yourself until you’re lucky enough to receive one of the Vanguard weapons.

The trick is to pick up a different Field Upgrade with a longer recharge rate after receiving a random weapon so that when you spawn back into the map, you don’t have to wait for the Weapon Drop to recharge.

stg44 in call of duty vanguard

Land back on the Weapon Drop you previously dropped and repeated until the Weapon Drop breaks or you finally get the M1 Garand or the STG44.

You can use the Weapon Drop twice before it breaks, and considering how many weapons there are in Warzone Season 6, this may take some time.

The M1 Garand and STG44 are currently the only Vanguard weapons in the Warzone’s game files. Therefore they are the only weapons you can get from this exploit.

The player then shows off the M1 Garand in-game, and its classic reload animation and audio just to confirm that it is indeed the Vanguard weapon in Warzone.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games / Activision