Warzone Fortune’s Keep UAVs are completely broken

Luca Di Marzo
Fortune's Keep UAV Warzone

After Warzone’s Season 4 update, players are doing their best to discover the new Fortune’s Keep map. However, it seems a strange UAV bug on the new map is plaguing players’ Tac Map.

It’s safe to say that with all of the new content that arrived in Season 4, players will need some time to test out new features like the Black Market Supply Run or the Cash Extraction event on Fortune’s Keep.

The map itself is a new battleground to explore and it didn’t take long for players to compare it to Rebirth Island and Caldera. Despite the comparisons, a strange UAV bug is now throwing players out of sync on Fortune’s Keep.

Fortune's Keep Warzone Tac Map

UAVs have been a staple of Warzone gameplay since Verdansk as a piece of equipment that provides valuable information about the location of enemy players.

Warzone content creator JGOD shared a side-by-side comparison of how UAVs operate on Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep. You may notice that the UAV pattern for Fortune’s Keep is different compared to the other maps, which according to JGOD is the result of a bug.

The standard UAV pattern that players are accustomed to is perfectly described by JGOD as something that “Starts at the Center and Pulses out for a fixed distance.” The idea is that the player who calls the UAV is at the center of the radius that will ping enemy locations on the Tac Map.

However, not only do UAVs on Fortune’s Keep abandon the pulse with you at the center, but they also sweep the entire map. As seen in the clip, when a UAV is activated on Fortune’s Keep, the sweep occurs from West to East and covers the entire map.

The fact that the UAV covers the entire map is obviously the main issue with UAVs on Fortune’s Keep at the moment. However, this bugged system also hurts players who find themselves on the East side of the map.

The delivery of information to your Tac Map will be heavily delayed if you’re on the right side of the map as the UAV sweeps from left to right. A UAV is supposed to rely on a fast pulse to deliver accurate information, but this is currently not the case.

There’s no doubt that the devs will soon address this UAV bug, but we’ll keep you posted with new information as it arises.

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Image Credit: Activision

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