Warzone expert criticizes lack of “skill gap” in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific season 4 fortune's keep

Warzone pro Isaac Hamilton, aka ‘IceManIsaac’, has shared his thoughts on Raven Software’s attempts to increase the skill gap, claiming recent changes have done the opposite.

Both Warzone Pacific Season 3 and Season 4 have brought many changes to the game, including a health increase, a change in the weapon meta, and various buffs and nerfs for attachments, equipment, and even Perks.

While Raven Software claimed to introduce a number of these changes in the hopes of increasing the skill gap, Warzone expert IceManIsaac actually feels as if these major changes have done the complete opposite.

Fortune's Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4

In a Tweet made on June 26, IceManIsaac expressed his opinion about the skill gap in Warzone Pacific Season 4, highlighting various changes made that he believes have actually negatively impacted their goal.

The Warzone pro mentioned that Raven Software have aimed at increasing the “skill gap and outplay potential” by adding 50 more health to players across all game modes.

However, the devs also “made meta guns kill significantly faster, reduced recoil to zero, nerfed stims, and nerfed movement speed attachments.”

The nerfed movement speed attachments was in response to the game-breaking speeds players were able to achieve with the new Marco SMG, but clearly Isaac feels the nerfs to movement, reduced recoil, and weapon meta are holding back the skill gap.

There’s no doubt that the community feels there has been a bias towards Vanguard weapons, especially when weapons such as the NZ-41 are dominating over the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War ARs.

Further, Isaac isn’t the only one who feels recoil needs to be more prevalent, as TrueGameData also recently discussed this as an issue. In the comments Isaac expanded on this, stating that “Warzone used to have some recoil when the game was at its peak…Zero recoil is not the norm and it shouldn’t be accepted as the norm.”

Overall, IceManIsaac feels as though it’s these issues that are preventing the skill gap from increasing: “Are we building a skill gap or not???”

We’ll have to wait and see how Raven Software will tackle this issue, but as Modern Warfare 2 is on the horizon, perhaps it’s something they will aim to improve on for Warzone 2.

Image Credits: Activision

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