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Warzone Season 4 brings major Perk changes: Ground loot, buffs & nerfs

Warzone Season 4 has added five new Perks to the game’s ground loot pool, and also introduced some major buffs too.



Warzone Perks on a table

Perks are an incredibly important part of any loadout, and Raven have made some major Perk changes with the Warzone Season 4 update. From ground loot to balancing tweaks, here’s everything you need to know about Perks in Warzone Season 4.

Raven Software have been hard at work updating and tweaking Warzone, making major map changes to Caldera while introducing new map Fortune’s Keep.

While everyone was eagerly awaiting the major weapon balancing changes that nerfed the STG44 and buffed the ITRA Burst, Raven have also taken a look at the game’s Perks and made some important decisions there too.

With new perks added to ground loot, along with buffs and nerfs, here’s everything you need to make sure you’re running the best class possible next time you jump into Warzone.

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New ground loot in Warzone Season 4

Perks were added to ground loot at the start of Warzone Season 3, giving players the opportunity to make themselves even stronger, just like in Blackout.

Raven didn’t make every perk available as ground loot to begin with, but with the start of Season 4, they have decided to add five more to the pool, giving you even more options if you can find them.

These perks are:

  • Amped
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Combat Scout
  • Double Time
  • Ghost
Warzone Perks

Warzone Season 4 perk buffs

Warzone’s devs have also made some changes to existing perks, with three getting significant boosts as part of this patch.

Battle Hardened’s Stun and Flash resistance has been almost doubled, jumping from 40% to 70%. On top of that, Scavenger now offers an extra $500 every time you get a kill, while Hardline will give you 25% off any Buy Station items — and that includes Loadout Drops.

For more, check out the full Warzone Season 4 patch notes, or learn more about the new Sequencer Grenade.

Image Credits: Raven Software