Warzone devs tease Nail Gun nerf in Season 4

Liam Mackay
Nail Gun in Warzone Season 4

Warzone devs Raven Software are aware that the Nail Gun is slightly overpowered in Season 4, and are considering nerfing it in a future update.

Warzone Season 4 has given players the best line-up of new weapons since Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War. The C58 is a powerful Assault Rifle that makes for extremely effective ground loot, the MG 82 was overpowered at first but provides a unqiue LMG experience, and the Nail Gun is simply fun to use.

However, alongside calling for the MG 82 to be nerfed, players feel that the Nail Gun is far too effective at close range. Drift0r even explained how it has the fastest TTK of any SMG. Warzone’s devs agree and have explained their thought process behind a potential nerf.

Nail Gun in Warzone Season 4

Alongside the MG 82’s nerf on June 22, Raven Software also teased that they’ll adjust perks to counter the powerful Dead Silence Field Upgrade. They also discussed balancing the Nail Gun, explaining why it will be a difficult process.

“We will be keeping a close eye on the Nail Gun,” announced Raven Software. “We feel it kills about a bullet faster than we would like.”

However, they explained the difficulties they’ll face in trying to balance it. “With extremely low rate of fire Weapons, they can be on a razor’s edge of balance wherein missing a single shot can turn an incredibly fast Time to Kill into one of the slowest in its class. This is not the case with the Nail Gun (BOCW) now, but if it required an additional bullet to kill and nothing else changed, it likely would be.”

Warzone jackal operator using Nail Gun

“So, we may push and pull on some of its functionality,” they concluded. This will be “to ensure that it fulfills its role as a highly mobile, close range, full-auto dominator that can rival shotgun TTKs but rapidly wanes in efficacy the further enemies are from you. They are just nails after all.”

Raven Software appear very aware that the Nail Gun is outperforming in its class, but it may take some time for the devs to find the right change to make.

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